I am a film director, film producer, screenwriter, and video artist. 

I produced, wrote, and directed a narrative feature: According to Her which was released in 2017.

As a screenwriter, I wrote three narrative feature screenplays: Screenshots (2023), Turn the Tide (2019), According to Her (2016), and a TV series pilot: The Doorwoman (2018).

My work as a video artist has been screened at the Kunsthalle Basel, the Palais de Tokyo, the Korean Art Foundation, and art galleries in Paris.

At times, I use my skills as a creative producer for projects such as Klimt, Gold in Motion which I co-produced with Endeavor and ASL. I also reflect and write about the moving image in all its form. You can read me on Exterminating Angles. Recently, I started to paint again and connect this practice with short videos – more to come.

I hold a Master of Fine Arts and a Ph.D. in Art History. I have been a tenured associate professor at Sorbonne University, a lecturer at the Museum of Modern Art, and a professor of Modern Art at Stevens Institute of Technology.