Estelle Artus is a French-American film writer-director of Spanish descent, living in New York. She studied visual arts and graduated with a Ph.D. from Sorbonne University in Paris with a specialization in video art. Estelle produced and directed a series of shorts that have been exhibited in museums and art galleries. After moving to New York, she made her debut narrative feature as writer-director: According to Her (2016). Estelle is also a screenwriter, she wrote episodic series: The Doorwoman (2017) and narrative features screenplays: Turn the Tide (2018), Screenshots (2020). She is currently in development of Screenshots, her second narrative feature.

Estelle has been nominated for the NBC Universal Emerging Director Program in 2017 and was a Toronto International Film Festival Director Lab and a Final Draft competition finalist in 2018. She taught film and modern art history at Sorbonne University, the Museum of Modern Art, and Stevens Institute of Technology.  

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