I am a French-Spanish-American film director living in Manhattan.

You can see the influences of this cultural triad in my debut narrative feature According to Her (2016) which screened at festivals and earned a bunch of awards and nominations: Golden Peacock nominee for Best Film (IFFI Goa 2016), NBC Universal Emerging Director (2017), Best Producer and Best Musical Score (BFF 2017),  Toronto International Film Festival Director Lab (2018 finalist). The real prize is being able to keep on filming and I am happily working on my second narrative feature. 

As a screenwriter, I wrote narrative feature screenplays: Screenshots (2021), Turn the Tide (2018), and According to Her (2016). I also wrote a series: The Doorwoman (2017) and was a Final Draft screenwriting competition finalist. If you are looking for narratives that are built like classics while being slightly unhinged, you are in the right place. 

My friends say that I should become a film critic but since everybody and his mother write about films, I, instead, focus on the film form and the film industry. Since lately both are imploding, it’s a lot of fun.

Ph.D. and Art are two scary words in the film industry, so I hide them as much as I can but off the record, I graduated with a Ph.D. from Sorbonne University where I also became the youngest tenured professor of the Visual Arts department. As a result, I know quite a lot about art history and I lost all illusions about academia. Yet, I love to teach and share the thrill.

While living in Paris, I made some video art pieces a.k.a. short films and video installations which have been exhibited in museums and art galleries. That was a great time but then I moved to New York City where I learned directing and screenwriting while working at the Museum of Modern Art and at Stevens Institute of Technology. A great time too until the pandemic made everything a bit funky.

Apart from that, I love hanging out with my friends or just walking in the city to look at its architecture, a field that interests me greatly. I paint a bit and I read a lot – mostly literature, stuff about painting, and philosophy. All in all, I haven’t spent a day without looking at the beauty of the world which never ceases to amaze me. 


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