Video Art + Installations

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Estelle Artus started her career as video artist. International group exhibitions presenting Estelle’s video art include the Kunsthalle of Basel, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, and the Korean Culture & Art Foundation in Seoul.

The following short films ranging from 3 to 11 minutes are owned by art collectors and may be watched upon inquiry at

Domestic Underground.jpg Domestic Underground
Ring Road Ring Road    Korea I Love Korea and Korea Loves Me
Play Again
Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 4.12.04 PM
Where it Clicks – with Yuriy Gavrilenko and Darya Zhuk

Soissons-New York


Sweet Slap (double screen video)


Which Gun for M? (double screen video)


Magic!, Ego, and Madame Rêve, are video installations where films are either projected on multi-plans or enclosed in small spaces thus questioning the position of the viewer and the dynamic of the moving image in space.

Magic! (enclosed screen)


Ego (2 screens encased in furniture)


Madame rêve (2 screens encased in furniture + mechanical spiders)
madame3  madame1.jpg  madame4.jpgpen31
Exhibition view.


Other artworks include short films: Deaf and Dangerous, Amour, Gloire et Beauté and Blank, as well as the video installations Video Reader and Echo-Incidences realized in association with Stephane Piannaci.

Echo-Incidences (double screen)


Amour, Gloire et Beauté (ultra short film and photo)

artus amg1

Blank (multiple screens loop)



Photography series made for the exhibition ‘Qu’est-ce que l’Art Domestique?’ in Paris and the associated publication.



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