– Narrative feature, fiction, 93 pages.

– Narrative feature, fiction, 105 pages.
– Final Draft screenwriting contest finalist.

Logline: Unjustly accused of an accidental killing, a teenage skateboarder teams up with a flamboyant female drug lord to ferret out the real culprit; As they roam the city an unexpected mother-and-son bond develops but they forgot one thing: the victim’s own mother is out for revenge.

Genre: Drama, triller.

“Turn the Tide is like some sort of surrealistic fever dream; it tackles highly current events while being a timeless coming of age story, while also being a journey of revenge and repentance. What’s so interesting about this script is that it has the frenetic energy of someone telling you an outrageous story while also taking the time to highlight the setting and vibe of the city around the characters. It’s reminiscent of a Harmony Korine film in the sense that it’s a funhouse mirror for a world that a lot of Americans choose to ignore”.

– Blue Cat Screenplay competition finalist feedback. 

– Episodic Narrative: 12 episodes.
– Pilot, treatment, show bible.

Logline: A doorwoman is enlisted by the detective in charge to solve a murder case at a luxury rental building with low and mixed-income tenants.

Genre: Comedy, social satire.

– Feature Narrative Fiction, 95 pages.

Logline: Love, motherhood, and a musical career strike dissonant chords in this dark tale of a young migrant woman who tries to keep her balance among wealthy French ex-pats in New York.

Genre: Drama, social satire.

Status: Released in English (2017), and in French (2018).