Ask Me Anything
– Feature Narrative Fiction, 104 pages.
– First draft.


Turn the Tide
– Feature Narrative Fiction, 105 pages.
– Final Draft Screenwriting Contest finalist.
– Unproduced: contact for inquiries.

Logline: Unjustly accused of the accidental killing of a child by a stray bullet, a teenage skateboarder teams up with a black transgender drug lord to ferret out the real culprit; that is, before the child’s mother goes on the hunt herself.

Feedback: “Turn the Tide is like some sort of surrealistic fever dream; it tackles highly current events while being a timeless coming of age story, while also being a journey of revenge and repentance. What’s so interesting about this script is that it has the frenetic energy of a someone telling you an outrageous story while also taking the time to highlight the setting and vibe of the city around the characters. It’s reminiscent of a Harmony Korine film in the sense that it’s a funhouse mirror for a world that a lot of Americans choose to ignore”. – Blue Cat Screenplay competition feedback. 


The Doorman
– Episodic Narrative: 12 episodes.
– Pilot, treatment, and show bible available.
– Unproduced: contact for inquiries.

Logline: “The Doorman” is a dark comedy series that follows Cervantes, a young doorman who works in a mixed incomes luxury building in New York. When a Russian businessman is killed in the building’s gym, Cervantes is enlisted to help Special Agent Shoni Katz navigate the building’s social strata.


According to Her
– Feature Narrative Fiction, 95 pages.
– Produced (2016).
– Released in English (2017) and French (2018).

Logline: Love, motherhood and a musical career strike dissonant chords in this dark tale of a young Russian woman who tries to keep her balance among wealthy French expats in New York.