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In development: Screenshots.
A high school dropout on the verge of being evicted steals a cell phone and falls in love with its wealthy owner.

In waiting: Turn the Tide.
Unjustly accused of an accidental killing, a teenage skateboarder teams up with a flamboyant drug lord to ferret out the real culprit. As they roam the city an unexpected mother-and-son bond develops but they forgot one thing: the victim’s own mother is out for revenge.

Released 2017: According To Her.
Love, motherhood, and a musical career strike dissonant chords in this dark tale of a young migrant who tries to keep her balance among wealthy French ex-pats in New York.

Festivals: Cinequest Film Festival (USA), International Film Festival of India (India), Imagine India (Spain), FIAF Austin (USA), Brooklyn Film Festival (USA), Moscow International Film Festival (Russia), All Light India (India), Las Cruces International Film Festival (USA).
Awards: Best Producer, Best Musical Score – Brooklyn International Film Festival (USA).

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According to her is a drama following Veronica, a young Russian woman who happily gives up all prospects of a brilliant career as a pianist in order to raise her son. Veronica’s choice while supported at first by her husband Paul, a New York stockbroker, slowly erodes her social status among Paul’s highly ambitious circle of friends.

Paul’s cousin, Adele, who as a French bourgeoise exudes a highbrow affectation that alienates as much as it charms, is the storm that threatens to uproot Veronica. A high-end executive with a brilliant career and a child at a distant boarding school, Adele rails against Veronica’s choice of putting motherhood first.

Centered on her son, Veronica fails to make friends and becomes more and more isolated in the airtight French expatriate milieu while not having the time and language skills needed to step into the wider world. 

The situation intensifies when Amanda, a successful and charming French pianist, arrives for a concert tour in New York and falls for Paul.